About Us

The Art of Motivation – Shawn Ashman Studios

We offer art sessions, classes and workshop on the go, meaning we facilitate training sessions anywhere.  We facilitate a playful atmosphere that allow participants to connect with their body, mind and spirit.  We offer sessions for:

  • Goal Setting and Visioning
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Change Management
  • Draw Your life
  • Heal Your Heart with Art
  • Team Building

Our workshops are designed to provide contextual knowledge on various topics along with  practical hands-on experience through the creative activities. Using the meditative power of art, participants engage the mind in concretizing ideas and producing a tangible product. The participant connects powerfully with the subject matter and the idea of transformation is implanted in the subconscious brain.

So, in our GOAL SETTING workshop we create vision boards; in the TIME MANAGEMENT session we produce a mandalas; in STRESS MANAGEMENT, a doodle; CHANGE MANAGEMENT, an abstract; DRAW YOUR LIFE, a landscape; HEAL YOUR HEART, a meditative journaling and colouring; and TEAM BUILDING, a customized piece.

We provide all material for the workshops including our customized workbooks which each participant receives.  We believe in practical engagement. We don’t just talk about it, we let you do something about it!  These sessions are perfect for everyone:  Children, Teens, Businesses, Individuals, Social Groups and Seniors.

To Register call: 410—5136 or email: shawnashmanart@gmail.com