Art Rental

We launched art rentals to make discovering and owning art easy and risk-free. Try the art you like at home, live with it, and rotate new work in at any time. Choose from varied selection of artwork from over 10 categories of paintings valued at

For Yourself or Business

Our standard rental rate is for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6, at 4% of the artwork purchase price.  Should you decide to purchase a work at the end of your rental contract, 3 months rental fee will be credit to you.

For Selling a Home

This is done ona monthly basis for 10% of the purchase price.

For TV/Film

You may rent artwork for your movie, television or commercial set for 15% of the purchase price.

Purchase Terms

If you purchase after renting an artwork for 3 months or more, the rental cost paid for up to three months will be credited to the balance of your invoice.

General Terms

Art on rental can be sold at any time and will be replaced with a similar piece of work of your choice.  Only pieces value US$400 or more will be available for rental.

The cost of a mural is determined by size, level of detail and location.  The following chart provides an estimated cost for your mural project.

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